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Eurosar Quality certification

Serving the needs of travellers since 1950.

The story

This work has been handed down in our family since the early 1950s.

Since then, they have been on the roads of Sardinia, first with cars and then with the most modern buses.

In our family we boast 3 generations serving the needs of travellers.

All the experience gained is now supported by the aid of new technologies and the professionalism of the staff employed.

Seriousness and the right motivation are our prerogatives when carrying out our transport services.

The projects

Today we are ready to accompany you anywhere thanks to the experience we have accumulated in the passenger transport sector over the past 70 years. The experience that has been passed down in our family is now expressed in impeccable service.

We constantly contribute fleet improvements with the latest technologies available. The plans for the future always include the growth of technology and the staff training. These are our prerequisites for continuing to develop our business.

Eurosar Quality certification 1
Eurosar Quality certification


We have been an ISO 9000 certified company since 2004.

Eurosar relies on DNV Business Assurance for certification, which provides inspection services to its customers and their suppliers. We have chosen the ideal partner for all stages of inspection, from design to delivery, to guarantee you a top quality service.

We have chosen the voluntary certification which is a formal act by which an accredited certification body declares that a product complies with a particular technical norm or standard, specifically quality standards.


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